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“I am quite impressed with everything I have experienced from Box Out. As a busy professional, your consistent encouragement, training and willingness to move at my pace encourages me that you care about people, and our success. I think this was the best thing I could have done for my business in the last 6 months! Having this be one of the first things I have done for this new year has set the stage for an incredible year of successful business and tremendous growth!”

– Leigh Cook

In just 2 days you’ll build and launch the following campaigns:

You’ll also learn “The Way”

The right way to do anything in Infusionsoft, so there’s no more guessing, no more confusion

The ultimate tagging system that makes Infusionsoft easy to understand and easy to manage.

A simple system for building campaigns as you can easily see how all campaigns connect and operate smoothly together.

A set of rules telling you the right way to set things up to eliminate the confusion when different people tell you different ways.

Who this is for:

You want to learn and master Infusionsoft so you can build and manage your own campaigns
You want to unlock the power of Infusionsoft in your business
You know there’s opportunity to grow your business with your existing list and traffic
You’re not quite ready to hire the BOM Squad yet, but you are willing to invest in your business

Who this is NOT for:

  • You want someone to “do Infusionsoft” for you
  • You’re not willing to invest 2 days of time to get your campaigns launched
  • You’re not sure where your business is going
  • You don’t have any way of driving traffic or new leads

Join the ranks of successful Workshop graduates:

Here’s what you get:

  • Your Complete Customer Lifecycle LAUNCHED (7 fully built campaigns)
  • 10 proven campaign templates (Digital Marketer Machine + Box Out Marketing expertise)
  • Full training and documentation on each campaign and Box Out Marketing’s tagging system
  • 3 months of support and online training as a member of the Infusionsoft Success Lab
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