Account Manager

As an Account Manager at Box Out Marketing you will be responsible for helping your clients drive measurable results by leveraging marketing automation. Your focus will be on optimizing the customer lifecycle by increasing lead capture, nurturing and converting more leads, increasing sales, increasing revenue per sale, increasing upsells, improving referral processes, and gathering online reviews where necessary.  Your clients will look to you as a partner who helps them maximize the ROI in their marketing investments.

Account Managers should spend between 4-6 hours per client per month, excluding the first month a client starts with us. In month one, account managers should spend between 10-12 hours per client to onboard, discover, strategize, and plan. 

The account manager is primarily responsible for owning results for the client. This takes form in 3 primary roles (your Big 3): 

  1. Establish Baseline and Identify Goals & Opportunities 
    1. When a new client is assigned to you as an account manager, the you will be responsible for running the initial discovery call. On that call, you will dive deep to get familiar with the client’s business and identify opportunities, all with the intention of formulating the strategies necessary to help increase business during the next 6 months.
    2. In the initial call with a client, and every monthly call after that, you’ll be responsible for identifying clear, measurable goals the client wants to work towards.  Those must be documented and all your execution plans each month should be aligned with achieving those goals.
    3. Additionally, you will be responsible for ensuring correct numbers are reported on a monthly basis. These numbers may vary from client to client. Although you won’t be responsible for pulling all numbers (this process is assigned to other members of our team), you will be responsible for reviewing, analyzing, and delivering numbers to the client on a monthly basis. 
  2. Create, manage, and follow a monthly Execution plan
    1. Above all, you will be responsible for owning the results of each client account. This includes but is not limited to; new leads, sales, upsells, referrals, reporting, etc. Although you won’t be responsible for executing on every result, you must ensure that the account stays on track according to the execution plan laid out at the beginning of the client contract. 
    2. Each month, after identifying the goals you’re working towards, you are responsible for developing the strategy required to achieve the goals and laying out the detailed execution plan required to implement the strategy.
    3. If implementation requests are assigned to our technical team, you are responsible for conveying clear instructions on how to execute the task as well as when the task must be completed. You are also responsible for reviewing any work done by our technical team prior to sending the work to the client. 
    4. You must also manage project scope. If the client requests something that is outside of the agreed upon execution plan, you are responsible for either postponing the request to a later month or re-positioning the current month’s execution plan (based on the urgency of the request). 
    5. If an execution plan gets behind, notify your manager immediately. 
  3. Manage client & internal communication on a weekly and monthly basis
    1. All clients will receive a monthly strategy call with their account manager that is designed to review the previous month’s work and solidify the execution plan for the coming month. Prior to each monthly call, you will complete the client BOXOUT document (a document which outlines the goals, the strategies, and the execution plans). You will be responsible for recording each of these monthly calls and uploading them to the client’s folder in Google Drive. 
    2. You will also be responsible for sending a weekly update email to each client. Email updates may need to be more frequent if there is an urgent timeline or if the client needs an update to be able to move forward on their end.  The client should ALWAYS feel that you, as the account manager, are being proactive in driving the strategy and the execution plan. Email updates may be longer for certain clients depending on need/account health. 
    3. Each week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you will provide an internal update on each client in our project management system.  You’ll identify whether the account is green (the execution plan is on track and the client is happy), yellow (as little as one day behind or the client may have concerns), or red(one week behind or the client is unhappy).  You’ll also give an update on:
      1. The goal(s) you’re working towards
      2. The strategy(ies) behind employed
      3. The execution plan
      4. Where you’re stuck
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